Today’s prompt is discovery. So go ahead and be adventurous; travel down an unknown path or learn something new, and share your picture on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge, #discovery. Padrão Dos Descobrimentos monument in Lisbon, Portugal Continue reading Discovery


Our prompt for today’s picture is optimal, which comes from Latin optimus ‘best’ but was not in usage before the 19th century. What seems most perfect, ideal, favorable or advantageous to you? Share your picture on Fb and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge, #optimal. Continue reading Optimal


It is unquestionable, irrefutable, for sure; today’s prompt, certain, comes from Old French but is originally from Latin certus ‘settled, sure.’ Without any doubt, share your picture on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge, #certain. Continue reading Certain


Put the kids to bed; it’s time for some food porn. Today’s prompt is Yummy! Ah, the possibilities…chocolate cake, fresh fruits, the perfect latte. If you don’t have a sweet tooth and prefer your food savory, there are too many delicious dishes to mention as well, so go ahead and capture it in a picture … Continue reading Yummy!


Our prompt today, venomous, comes from late 13th century Anglo-French venimeus, venimeux in Old French, from Latin venēnum ‘poison, drug, potion’, probably originally ‘love potion’ to exacerbate sexual desire as the word also relates to Venus. According to historian Douglas Harper, the earliest recorded uses of venomous are figurative, but it was used in its literal … Continue reading Venomous