Today you get to …

Choose your own song title for your prompt. This should be interesting. And entertaining. And creative. Because songs are interesting and entertaining and creative, right? Share those ideas on IG and FB with the hashtag #leapyearphotochallenge. And guess what? We’ve wrapped up the seventh month … you’re doing GREAT! Advertisements Continue reading Today you get to …

What’s that?

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to write a post explaining that today’s prompt is communication? I mean, seriously! Imparting that bit of information to you in a clever and concise way, in a way you’ll remember, in a way which will inspire you … ohhhh, the pressure. I think you get … Continue reading What’s that?

Mix it up

You’re heading to a party or reception or event. The crowd can be large or small, familiar or unknown. Do you hug the wall or do you – today’s prompt – mingle? As you make your way through this day, keep your eyes open and your camera ready to capture an image that shows us … Continue reading Mix it up


Today we want you to capture an image illustrating the word instrument. Your first thought might be musical – that one time in band camp, and all. Or maybe you’re the scientific type, and think of surgical implements or biology lab. Instruments can be documents or people, music-makers or tools. Wherever your thoughts take you, … Continue reading Precisely

Put on your headphones

Today’s prompt is: Stereophonic. This method of sound reproduction is more commonly known as “stereo,” which makes it seem like the sound is coming at you from all directions. When you put on headphones, you can break the illusion by lifting one headphone off. If you’re listening to something in stereo, it sounds like part … Continue reading Put on your headphones