Todays’ prompt, edible, should be a fun one to play with. The word comes from the Latin verb edere ‘eat,’ but unlike truly appetizing food, it seems to suggest something you can eat without fear of intoxication or worse, something just fit for your consumption but with no guarantee you will actually enjoy it. I … Continue reading Edible


Come closer, closer, closer. Not so close! Today, the prompt invites you to get very near the subject of your photograph, to capture its essence at a very close range, to play with scale to render a more detailed and intimate study of it. Share your picture on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge, #closeup. Continue reading Close-up

Hands Redux

Once again, apologies for not catching that repeat in putting together the list of words for April. If you want to give hands another chance, go ahead. If you want to take the prompts in your hands and come up with a new one…go ahead and surprise me! I have really been enjoying the pictures … Continue reading Hands Redux

So Cuuute!

Cute as a button, obviously. Perhaps your “stitch” project yesterday involved sewing a button as well? I was looking forward to researching the etymology of today’s prompt, button. The word comes from Old French bouton, classically ‘a small disk or knob sewn onto a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit … Continue reading So Cuuute!


Of Germanic origin, today’s word, stitch, comes to us from the Old English word stice ‘a puncture, stabbing pain.’ The meaning of stitch as the movement of a loop of thread or yarn (as in knitting, crocheting or sewing) or the result of it was taken later, in Middle English. So today, baste your project … Continue reading Stitch


Today’s prompt, piquant, comes from French, literally ‘stinging, pricking,’ something that stimulates the taste buds, but back in the early 16th century, it meant something bitter. Now, when it applies to food, it is more synonymous with spicy, peppery or hot. If not taken literally, though, the term can also apply to another kind of … Continue reading Piquant!