From Old French engin, itself from Latin ingenium ‘talent, device,’ the original sense of today’s prompt was ‘ingenuity, cunning’ (surviving in Scots as ingine). It is only sometime during the 17th century that the word started being used to refer to a machine (ie. steam engine, fire engine, internal combustion engine, etc.). Whether you interpret … Continue reading Engine


Based on Latin  in odio, from the phrase mihi in odio est, ‘it is hateful to me,’ today’s word is annoyed. Think about what aggravates, irritates, disgruntles, or exasperates you. What gets on your nerves? Capture it in a picture and post it on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge. Continue reading Annoyed


So many interpretations for today’s prompt, sack! When used as a noun, the word can mean bag or pouch, an ill-fitting piece of clothing, or less formally a bed. As a verb, sack can mean dismissing from employment, destroying or plundering, as well as “tackling a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage before he can … Continue reading Sack


From Latin super- ‘above’ and facies ‘face,’ the prompt invites you to not take yourself too seriously today. The subject of your picture can be quick and cursory; at, on, or near the surface; or nothing too deep or too profound. Post your picture on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge. Continue reading Superficial