From Latin ēvānēscēns, ‘vanishing, disappearing,’ today’s prompt is evanescent. A rainbow, a sunset, a beautiful smile; capture it in a picture before it passes out of sight, memory, or existence, before it quickly fades or disappears entirely. Post on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge.     Continue reading Evanescent

Let’s Clean Up

From late Middle English clotter ‘to clot,’ today’s word is the adjective cluttered. Whether it is your email inbox, that pile of items you have been meaning to donate for the last 6 months, or something else, what do you see lacking in neatness, order, or cleanliness around you? If watching A&E’s Hoarders is enough … Continue reading Let’s Clean Up


I know some of you (me included) have been waiting for today’s prompt, handmade. In a world where mass-produced goods have invaded our lives, creating unique items with your own hands is both soul-nurturing and such a fulfilling experience. Show us your project(s) in a picture and post it on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge. Continue reading Handmade