At last …

We invite you today, on this last day of June, to choose your own poem title and interpret it in an image. Be sure to share on IG and FB and don’t forget the hashtags: #poemtitle #leapyearphotochallenge Also … apologies for the mix-up yesterday. If you used the prompt “Welcome” – you win! Your prompt-reminder … Continue reading At last …

Look up!

Today’s prompt is: Sky. You know, that place where clouds and birds and dreams live. What do you see when you cast your eyes skyward? Look for criss-crossed cables, birds on a wire, faces in clouds, or sky-blue pink sunsets. Get your head and your camera IN the clouds and share on FB and IG. … Continue reading Look up!

The law of no

Today’s prompt is: Conflict. In creative writing, there’s something called the “law of no.” In order to create a plot, a story, there must be tension, and tension is rarely created by things going smoothly. There must a “no” somewhere to create conflict. You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to capture conflict … Continue reading The law of no

Pick a partner

Today’s prompt is: Collaborate! Find someone to help you with this pic today–it can be someone random, someone participating in the challenge, a friend, a family member, anyone at all! How will the the two of you make today’s picture? What will you snap? How will you edit? Find a partner in crime (not literal … Continue reading Pick a partner