On this day, let’s celebrate poise and elegance. Our prompt, grace, comes to us via Old French but stems from the Latin word gratia, from gratus ‘pleasing, thankful.’ However you decide to interpret the word, share your picture on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge, #grace. And happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Continue reading Grace


From the Latin noun circulus ‘small ring,’ the diminutive of circus ‘ring,’ le prompt du jour is circle(s). Whether you aced geometry or not in school, look around you for the recognizable shape and share your picture on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge, #circles. Continue reading Circles


From Greek monokhrōmatos ‘of a single color,’ today’s prompt suggests black and white photography (you may have figured out I like greyscale a lot by now *cough* *cough*), but your picture could also capture various tones of the same color, perhaps your favorite one. Share your image on FB and/or IG, #2017PhotoChallenge, #monochrome. Continue reading Monochrome